Cialis in Australia

Tadalafil is an effective treatment for treating erectile dysfunction, marketed under the commercial name of Cialis, and Adcirca when sold as a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension. The drug acts as an inhibitor of the PDE5 enzyme, phosphodiesterase type 5, which enhances erectile function when there is sexual stimulation. It features a longer half-life than other drugs used for erectile dysfunction with around four to five hours of half-life, compared to the whopping seventeen hours tadalafil half-life, which translates to longer duration of the drug’s action.

Cialis in AustraliaCialis in Australia

What is better, the enhanced erectile function only responds when there’s direct sexual stimulation on the penis. The recommended starting dose for most men is ten milligrams, that are taken as needed before sexual activity. Because of his sustained duration of the drugs effect, there is no need to take a dose more than once a day, which also makes it a rather economical option to keep up with an active sexual life. The dose can be reduced to five milligrams or increased to ten milligrams, depending in the needs of the user and whether it frequently uses it or not. Sexual intercourse is many times more satisfactory for those involved when using Cialis, by enhancing erectile functionality, improving too the psychological traits of the male that is using the drug, through self-confidence and absolute trust that he can and will perform according to the needs of his partner. This drug mas marketed using primarily women, in contrast with alternative drugs that featured males prominently, because it was emphasized that now the user of drug will be able to keep with the rhythm of his partner, during extended periods of time. Exercise and an adequate diet are of course recommended to further complement the sexual experience, and generate far more satisfaction that in a normal, unassisted sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is a demoralizing condition that can destroy once fruitful and passionate relationships, through loss of self-confidence, depression and the irritability that follows and couples that ensues.

The side effects, if they occur, varies from person to person but they are generally represented by headache, stomach and muscle pain. This is because of the inhibitory action of the drug, which can cause blood vessels to widen. If they effect do occur, they usually go away within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, depending on the dosage. They are few risks related to the drug, but the most problematic one is sudden loss of hearing, which can occur if the user is genetically predisposed or has an extensive, non-controlled use of the drug during extended periods of time. The drug interaction with organic nitrates can produce life threatening conditions, and is therefore recommended not to use while the effects of tadalafil are still active. The effectiveness of Cialis can and will be reduced if other drugs have been taken before within a time window of twelve hours. The drug’s half-life and action duration are dramatically shortened and they might be inexistent at all. Cialis or Tadalafil are available for sale as a patent or generic drug all across Australia over the counter. While there is no formal need for a medic’s recipe, it is recommended to seek information and to consult a health care specialist before using the drug to discard any possible complications that can derive from personal issues and past clinical story.