What is Female Viagra in Australia?

It is a funny conception that Viagra actually works for females instead of only males.  It actually does work though if a woman takes a Viagra pill.  They get blood flowing to their genitalia and they get a sense of arousal in themselves.  they get more arousal, lubrication, and sensation.   Other than Viagra, there is a female version of the guys erectile dysfunction pill and it is called Addyi.  This is a drug that they have to take everyday and has peak effects by the end of eight weeks but it doesn’t start working until taken daily for four weeks.

Female Viagra is also called Flibanserin

It is a 5HTA antagonist.  It’s really just used in order to help women with their lagging libido.  this medication can only be purchased through the pharmacy, but it can be purchased at a low cost online as well if you’re able to get a coupon. taking actual viagra will make woman not hornier, but it will harm them.  It is important to seek medical assistance if  woman take viagra.

How Female Viagra works?

The female viagra in Australia though is very different and it is okay for a woman to take.  Compared to the male viara though the woman viagra will take a lot longer to hit its peak effects.  Women usually take this drug when they are feeling less connected with their partner and also when they don’t feel like they need sex.  This can be problematic for relationships so sometimes it is important to seek medication.  This drug is able to change relationships with women.  This drug is meant for the 1 in 10 premenopausal women who have HSDD which is hypoactive sexual desire disorder.  Its caused by an imbalance in chemicals that produces the neurochemicals in female sexual response. This drug Addyi is the first and only non hormonal pill that is approved by the FDA.  Some of the side effects include lightheadedness and dizziness.  It is really recommend for women who have already had menopause and that want to have a good sex life again.


It is also recommended not to take any alcohol when on this medication.  Sleepiness and low blood pressure is also a common side effect.  TO me this drug seems better than viagra because it takes a slower amount of time to take effect and they usually last longer in terms of life span.  One thing that is important to know as well is that there is a screener to test whether or not you should even consider taking this drug.  sometimes women take this medication and then realize that it was unnecessary to have this drug all along.  Overall since its the only fda approved medication in the market for women i am sure that it is here to stay for a while.